When you don’t need something written from scratch

Many of my clients come to me with pre-existing text that they have written themselves. The problem? Sometimes what they have is simply too long. Or maybe the information has been presented in one way (such as a white paper), but needs to be used for an entirely different purpose (such as a brochure). But most of the time, the text just isn’t up to company standards and needs to be ‘fixed’ by a professional English language copywriter.

This is where Scribe Solutions’ Text Doctor approach comes in. I am an expert in corporate environments and the texts they require. Whatever your challenge is, I have probably seen it before. Whether your text is long or short, and whether it is technical or commercial in nature, I will transform it into a flawless, professional document with true persuasive power. Best of all, it will be geared towards your targeted readership for maximum effect.


Stephen Johnston

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